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— Content Marketing Work Samples —

CLIENT: Gable.ai
TOPIC: Data contracts

- Data Quality: Why Big Data Needs to Be Its Best Self (link/pdf)- Data Governance: What Is It and What Are the Best Practices? (link/pdf)- Data Modeling 101: General Foundations to Specific Frustrations (link/pdf)- Data Consumers: How to Make a Meal Of Your Data (link/pdf)

CLIENT: Shipyard
TOPIC: Data orchestration

- Data lineage: Why knowing the past is key for unlocking the future (link/pdf)- Data wrangling: What, How, and Why Shipyard's Your Huckleberry (link/pdf)- Change data capture: CDC from the IT manager's POV (link/pdf)- Analytics engineering: critical connector or a bridge to nowhere? (link/pdf)

CLIENT: Cresta.ai
TOPIC: Generative AI for Contact Centers

- How to clone your best agents (ethically) (link/pdf)- How Cresta understands conversations (link/pdf)

CLIENT: Jasper.ai
TOPIC: AI Brand Marketing

- AI for Content Briefs: Perfect Partner Or Hard Pass? (link/pdf)- 12 Tools for Writing a Book Online, Faster (link)/pdf)

CLIENT: Prolific
TOPIC: Academic-grade First-party Research

- What is convenience sampling and when should I use it? (link/pdf)- MTurk vs. Qualtrics vs. Prolific: Whose survey participants are best? (link/pdf)- How to recruit high-quality survey participants? (link/pdf)

— Resume —


Content Strategist and Writer

Freelance | June 2022 — Present

  • Work for my current clientele involves content research, strategy, writing, and optimization for multiple long-form articles each month

  • I currently function as a fractional creative director for two of these clients and provide creative support for both on and off-site digital content

Content Marketing Manager

Animalz | Apr 2021 - Jun 2022

  • Researched, wrote, and optimized monthly long-form content (~1,500 words) for multiple B2B SaaS clients

  • Primary content focus included telecommunications, customer experience, artificial intelligence (AI), and academic-grade, online research

  • Contributed to content strategy development, article ideation, keyword research/SEO, and new hire onboarding

  • Directly managed customer relationships

  • Contributed to ongoing content performance analysis, report generation, and client-facing presentations

Senior Content Strategist

Three Deep Marketing | Sep 2019 - Feb 2021

  • Developed and executed content strategies (multichannel, as opposed to multiverse)

  • Wrote, edited, and optimized keyword-focused content, including blog articles, marketing automation campaigns, and web copy

  • Primary content focus included national big-box home improvement brands, a global financial regulatory consultancy, and a classic American footwear brand

  • Produced, edited, and voiced video content for clients and new business needs using Adobe Premier, Lumen5, and Vyond

Creative Director

Red Circle Agency | Mar 2018 - May 2019

  • Worked directly with the owner/executive creative director to come up with and execute big, beautiful, scary ideas

  • Worked directly with the account team to tame big, beautiful, scary ideas (just enough) to win new business

  • Ran point on brand development initiatives

  • Wrote and co-creative directed monthly promotional newsletter content, web copy, video and radio spots

  • Led the creative portion of new business pitches

  • Produced (and often lent voice to) radio content

Associate Creative Director

Collegis Education | Feb 2015 - Mar 2018

  • Managed internal writing team (copy and content writers)

  • Co-led brand strategy and creative portions of new business pitches

  • Oversaw brand and content strategy development

  • Helped to champion data-driven strategy development and continual content improvement

  • Wrote promotional television, radio, and web copy

  • Led content editorial/ideation sessions and contributed to developing and pitching content strategy to clients

Associate Creative Director

space150 | Jan 2012 - Feb 2015

  • Destroyed convention (thereby potentially creating demand)

  • Managed junior creatives

  • Served as creative lead for 3+ years on an industry-leading luxury countertop brand

  • Wrote and ideated on major national brands including Coca Cola, 3M, OptumHealth, and Indian Motorcycles

  • Contributed to new business pitches and client-specific brand/campaign strategies

  • Lead philanthropic brand development project for Second Harvest Heartland, a forward-thinking non-profit focused on ending food insecurity in Minnesota

— Contact —